segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2015

The Mercy Pope

Karol believed in miracles
and visit the world was one of them
in your mouth the message was clear:
"We have nothing to fear!"

Karol believed in love
and decided to spread the love around the world
his heart flowed through his hands
in quiet gestures that you know what is

Now his footprints are visible
on earth as in heaven
and the holy man from Krakow is unforgettable
for having loved equally to all people

and his miracles still continue
to transform the world through love
His eyes still insist on search
those most in need in the Church

I thank God for Pope Slavic
who lived in fact, as a holy priest
he was the link to a new time
humbly hiding his own shine

Thank you Lord
by the mercy Pope
thanks for the tireless traveler
pilgrim of love
John Paul of God

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