terça-feira, 21 de maio de 2013

In one word (Bia – George – Márcio – Ninha – Tiago) Mais um resgate, este em ingles...

Many people in one world
many gods in the name of love
many worlds in hope of a word
people, gods, worlds, all different 
and yet all the same

A variety of notes produce beauty 
the beauty of many tracks leading to a single place
in place the power of a crowd gathered in one silence
from silence may burst applause or even … a boo

We have one hope in one word
we have one desire in a dream
we can find chance in many places
gaze  at the power of “us”

Inspire yourself
arouse the others
perhaps this may be the last chance
let the others inspire and arouse you
perhaps this might be the last breath
raise yourself 
to the power of “us”

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